About Arwin Talent Solutions

Who we are

We are an agency based in Tehran, Iran providing a wide range of HR services and Talent management solutions. We are motivated experts with success experiences in our field. Also we could act as HR partner of organizations due to decrease costs and increase efficiency. Consulting is one of our proficiency which includes designing, planning and supervising of different HR sections.  We have a lot of new ideas at talent management which is relatively a new part of HR and could be applied to talented people. We believe that we could help businesses boosting their productivity and reduce expenses by our engagement services, having more control by performance management services, and achieving their goals by talent management services.

Our experts has many years of experience and high level of knowledge. All stuff expend more than 20% of their time to study and learn new methods and techniques of their career. That will grantee the quality of our services and align them behind world’s leading standards.

What we do

We think HR is a strategic part of every business. It’s as important as other departments. Today’s businesses depend on expertise of employees. People are the most valuable capital of companies which are worth more than money. Most businesses don’t care about HR so employees’ issues become one of their top challenges. We propose world class services and products which could easily solve the problem. We try to provide our services cost efficient and with a good ROI. We have observed there isn’t enough expertise and experience in modern HR sections in Iran which comes more important everyday. So we provide solutions dedicated to face up the challenges.

One of our visions is building a great community of talents whose share their knowledge and experience. A big network of talents contains different cultures and expertise due to improve careers in Iran. Also these talents could be a leader to junior employees and help them be trained.


Talent management remains a top business and HR issue as organisations report capability and leadership challenges worldwide. Technology and globalization are reshaping the way people work, learn, collaborate, and lead. New, innovative HR programs are becoming essential to attract and keep critical talent in an increasingly demand-driven talent market. Given the complexity of this environment, many organizations are finding it difficult to navigate the path forward. That’s where we can help. Arwin works with you to ensure that your people strategies enable your business strategy. Our services include Headhunting, Talent Sourcing and Acquisition, Performance, Engagement, Learning, Leadership, Career Development and Succession, and Talent Analytics. With an effective talent strategy, you can put the right people, with the right skills and tools, anywhere in the world — and give them opportunities to grow and develop to meet evolving business needs.