DevOps Engineer

About the Role

We are looking for a DevOps engineer who can setup and maintain our infrastructure as a code and facilitate IT operations and pipelines in development, Staging and Production environments:


  • Develop automation for internal customers and teams use.
  • Innovate using infrastructure-as-code and other means of automation.
  • Support the Development and Delivery with technical expertise during R&D phases.
  • Develop and maintain resources for develop team to apply governance on cloud environments in use.
  • Set up back-up mechanisms for production environment and test disaster recovery mechanisms
  • Mentor and train junior DevOps engineers
  • Manage incident response with other engineers and clients
  • Maintain the connectivity between cloud and corporate infrastructure.
  • Assist support engineers with technical challenges encountered via Gitlab issues.


  • 4 – 7 years experience writing infrastructure as code and Policies/Roles.
  • Knowledge and experience with Docker containers in cloud environments
  • Experience setting up and managing Databases => Postgresql & MongoDB
  • Experience setting up and managing in-memory stores=> Redis
  • Experience setting up and managing message brokers => NATS & NATS Streaming
  • Experience setting up and managing Elastic search
  • Experience developing automated processes using modern CI/CD platforms such as Gitlab CI or AWS CodePipeline.
  • Experience building solutions for cross-platform automation (Linux, MacOS, Windows).
  • Experience architecture, deploying, and maintaining solutions in  AWS or Kubernetes + OpenfaasCloud.
  • Experience with Linux and the Linux command line.
  • Experience working with Graphql API such as Apollo Framework.
  • Experience integrating with third-party APIs.
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies.
  • Familiarity with Micro-service-Saga Based Architecture
  • Experience interacting with Product Owners to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

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