Senior Software Engineer

About this role

How are we going to implementing things? Is the codebase has good quality?
Answering these questions, collaborating with the Lead Engineer to solve the problems, and making sure that features will be delivered in time, are what you are going to help us with!

What you’ll be doing

Designing in code level and implementing tasks and stories.
Owning some modules, help others to work with them, figure out their future and be responsible for them.
Coding according to the team’s standards and qualities.
Helping other engineers in implementations and designs
Helping the team and the Lead Engineer to achieve the company goal

What we are looking for in you

You have to be able to solve basic problems, design the solution with the help of others, and implement it with good quality. This means that you have +3 years of experience in backend development.
You need to code and design according to our high standards of quality, this means that you are experienced with Java language.
To speed-up our development, we use the popular Spring framework. This means that you have +1 year using this framework.
We are working in a tough market, with huge agents. We need you to be super committed, focused, and talented to release our versions in time and with the highest quality.

What you’ll get from us

Competitive compensation package for your market and experience (salary)
Both in-place and remote working options
Flexible working hours except for key time periods (9 am till 11 am + 3 pm till 5 pm)