Software Engineer

About the Role

We are looking for a back-end engineer who can turn ideas into beautifully written code that other people or you, six months into the future will find easy to comprehend and modify. As a Backend Developer, you will:

  • Model a rich and expansive domain. You’ll design and implement data models for every facet of the post-production domain, as well as powerful systems to keep the application efficient and stable.
  • Contribute to a mature (but not too crufty!) Saga Microservice/serveless Eco-system. senior engineers here have the opportunity to design highly concurrent, fault-tolerant systems.
  • Own the implementation of great features. You’ll work directly with designers, client engineers and product owners to bring new features to life. You’ll provide guidance and input into the process of building and deploying their vision, as well as writing the code that makes it real.
  • Guide and mentor your fellow engineers. You’ll be an authority on best practices for the engineering team, as well as an important leader for other engineers in the organization – back-end and otherwise.

What we think you’ll need to be great at this job

  • Extensive, solid experience in designing and developing multiple large-scale Web application back-ends.
  • Experience in NodeJs or a comparable programming language.
  • Experience in MySQL or PostgreSQL outside of an ORM, including the ability to design SQL queries for performance and efficiency.
  • Experience in MongoDB and Nosql principles and know when and how to use an unstructured data scheme.
  • Know the caching processes and tools and make good use of Redis
  • Familiarity with common API and services design best practices.
  • Experience in Graphql API.
  • Deep experience in overall system design and implementation how they scale, how they should fit together, and how they’re likely to break.
  • Experience migrating legacy components with little to no downtime.
  • Ability to analyze and solve difficult problems across the back-end.

This is what you’ll be doing

  • Write solid and scalable code.
  • Doing regular code reviews.
  • Building new features and services in NodeJs/Golang on OpenfaasCloud.
  • Providing technical leadership to junior engineers

Are you Interested?

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