Headhunting & Executive Search


Headhunting is a search carried out in order to find key people – at the management and specialist level – with very specific personal and professional skills. This process requires absolute discretion and trust between client business, headhunting and candidates.

The starting point is a thorough analysis of the task then we can start the process of finding candidates that match the specified profile. The contact with candidates is a dialogue that will lead up to the company presented a number of qualified and motivated candidates. Our experience, from headhunting for all kinds of industry and at all levels, the company provides the best security for an optimal solution of the assignment.

We focus on a serious and effective process, but this requires planning. Therefore, we define the dates for presentations and closing. We are looking for an ongoing dialogue with our customers through the entire process, so we have the best opportunity to finish at the agreed time.

In these years, almost every company is discovering, how difficult it is to attract and retain skilled employees. There is an intensive search for well-qualified managers, middle managers and specialists. In ARWIN we therefore use more channels to identify the most suitable candidates.


The Process

Before candidates are involved, a thorough preliminary work is done. We have an exhaustive dialogue with the company and its employees analyzing the job content and demands as well as the conditions and framework that the new employee will be expected to be part of. This work creates the basis of the job profile.

We offer a headhunting process that includes a combination of:


We conduct every search assignment based on the principle that integrity, knowledge, confidentiality, and commitment to the search will translate into a winning strategy for our client.

Position Assessment

We take the time to learn about your organization and the position you want to fill to ensure a successful placement. We find it imperative to become familiar with our clients’ methods of operation, organizational structure and culture.


We initiate a study designed to identify all individuals in targeted organizations that have the qualifications required for the position. In addition, we contact individuals who are known to our firm and other industry leaders to determine the exceptional performers who may meet our search requirements.

Screening & Qualifying

The prospective candidate list is contacted and screened to determine their interest and level of qualification for the position. From the results of this initial screening, we submit only the most qualified candidates for an in-depth interview with the appropriate hiring authority.

Client Interviews

The hiring authority and other key employees meet with each final candidate to determine the level of qualification and fit with the organization.

Reference Checking

After the initial in-depth interview with the appropriate hiring manager and upon candidate approval to take the next step, a thorough reference check should be conducted. We strongly suggest all client companies to conduct their own thorough reference check before hiring a candidate.


Once all final candidates have been interviewed and the top candidate has been identified, we assist in negotiating the final compensation package that meets your satisfaction. The compensation package covers salary, bonus, stock options, and other benefits required to attract highly qualified individuals.


We will conduct follow-ups to our client and the new employee in order to insure both parties are 100% satisfied with the placement. It’s important we get our clients and candidates continual feedback on the job performance, job satisfaction and to find out if we have a successful match for both parties.

Continued Service

We will continue to stay in touch with our client to measure their satisfaction and to make sure the candidate we initially presented continues to develop into a long term productive employee for many years.

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